Anguirus, also Angilus, Angilosaurus, or the Killer of the Living, is a monster which appears in Toho Company’s Godzilla franchise.


A colossal quadrupedal dinosaur resembling an Ankylosaurus, Anguirus has been described in his different appearances as being between 60 and 90 metres tall, 100 to 160 metres in length, and 30,000 to 60,000 tonnes in weight. Regardless of media, the various incarnations of Anguirus all possess several similar traits: a long tail, a carapace studded with sharp spines and horned on both its head and snout. In addition, all versions have five brains, one in the head and another at the top of each limb, granting Anguirus faster reaction speeds than other Kaiju.

The Anguirus depicted in Godzilla: Final Wars also sported a thagomizer, whilst the video game version was capable of emitting a sonic roar.

Anguirus is said to be a very tenacious combatant, has the ability to burrow beneath the ground with great speed, and can roll himself into a ball to charge at his opponents.


Initially, Anguirus was an adversary of Godzilla, and the two fought before Godzilla gained the upper hand with a bite to the neck before ending the fight through the use of his signature atomic breath.

In Anguirus’ next appearance however, he is shown living peacefully on the island of Monsterland with Godzilla, before aiding the other in his battles against Gigan, King Ghidorah, Megalon and Mechagodzilla, although the latter Kaiju actually broke Anguirus’ jaw in the battle.

After an absence of thirty years, Anguirus reappeared, but this time as a puppet of the alien Xiliens who use the monster to attack Earth. Once again, he is ultimately defeated by Godzilla, but in recognition of their past friendship, Godzilla refrains from killing him.

Anguirus has also made several appearances in IDW’s licenced comic book series.

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