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Amon-Gorloth, also known as the Creator of the Nile and Universe's Equilibrium, is a Great Old One from the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


Although a being of vast power, not much is known about the mysterious Amon-Gorloth outside of its band of followers. What is known is that it was the source which gave the Nile Valley the life which flourishes there today, and that through its dreams it was able to shape reality itself before eventually becoming entombed beneath the shifting sands of North Africa in the time "before the stars ceased to be right." Whether this means that it actually was responsible for keeping the universe in balance is anybody's guess.

In the modern day, Amon-Gorloth lies sleeping in its temple of Gz-eh, somewhere close to the Valley of the Kings. There, it's priests have constructed a vast underground labyrinth from which they can gain access to its slumbering form, and please it by giving up cattle as sacrificial offerings.


  • Amon-Gorloth made its only appearance in Les Yeux d'Amon (1997), by David Calvo.