The Albinoid is an amphibious B.O.W. experiment created by Umbrella Inc. It appears in Resident Evil Code: Veronica.


The Albinoid was developed at Umbrella's Rockfort Island research facility by combining the DNA of a salamander with the Tyrant virus. The T infection caused the subject to grow considerably and even caused it to develop the ability to generate electricity within its body that it could expel to shock prey. The creature also developed increased reproductive capability, allowing it to produce a large number of offspring. Infant Albinoids possessed weaker electric shocks but proved to be quite dangerous in large numbers, especially when released into an enclosed space. An infant Albinoid's growth cycle is remarkably fast and it can mature into an adult mere hours after birth.

Albinoid development never progressed beyond the experimental stage. The creatures developed an over-dependence on water and were reluctant to stray any distance from whatever body of water they inhabited, severely reducing their potential as bio-weapons.


Albinoids were encountered by Claire Redfield when she was briefly trapped on Rockfort Island. Several infant creatures were accidentally released inside the B.O.W. lab and Claire was almost killed by the swarm.

When Chris Redfield later arrived at Rockfort looking for Claire, he encountered an adult Albinoid inside a pool beneath the training facility which was unwittingly guarding an Eagle Plate. The creature could produce deadly shockwaves across the water, but would not leave the water for any reason. This allowed Chris to dispatch the creature safely with gunfire from the pool's edge.

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