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Ainz Ooal Gown also referred to as Momonga is the main protagonist of the anime Overlord.


Ainz Ooal Gown has the appearance of an Overlord, an undead skeletal creature that is devoid of skin and flesh. He tends to mainly wear a jet black formal dress trimmed with gold and purple trim. When he had no clothes, his entire body is only made up of his bones. He also has a dark red orb floating under his ribs that emanates a sense of dread.

Additionally, he has tiny dark red glows radiating from inside his empty eye sockets. Sometimes that glow can be greatly intensified, causing faint reddish flames to flicker in both of his eyes. Also, Ainz has a dark halo-like object that glows right behind his head.

In his guise as the dark warrior Momon, Ainz wears fully jet black body armor adorned with purple and gold markings, with the detail of having a red cape out of admiration for Touch Me. He is equipped with two large swords on his back.

While Ainz is a prudent and tight-fisted person, he always tries to plan ahead and control the details beforehand to avoid any fortuitous actions that could jeopardize Nazarick's existence. This means lying to the inhabitants of the New World that he cannot use one of his Super-Level spells for years to come after using it once. Since he was transferred to the New World and became a true Linch, Ainz could feel him becoming very cold and calculating as his emotions were suppressed.

As Guildmaster Ainz Ooal Gown, he loves to remember the wise words of his guildmates, as they may have some meaning now in the New World, which the NPCs also wholeheartedly agreed to. As he is loyal to his friends and to the NPCs created by them, he then acts with a certain degree of nobility, by properly directing his devoted followers, viewing him in the image of a divine entity. This was so that they can faithfully have a Supreme Being to look up to and depend on, as he is the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the last Supreme Being to stay with them even after their creators have left them. behind. Ainz cares for them like a father figure would, as he tries to act that way with Pandora's Actor and his friends' NPCs.

When he was crowned king of his newly formed country, the Sorcerous Kingdom, this trait also played a certain key role in gaining loyalties among his compatriots. For example, the Guildmaster Ainzach describes Ainz as a rational person who makes wise decisions carefully, ordering him to be an intellectual, yet merciful ruler. Furthermore, Ainz is open-minded to the opinions of others on the actions he has participated in, appreciating his criticism and learning from his mistakes, in which the Floor Guardians could not help him to a great extent.

Furthermore, Ainz is not only considering a thoughtful and generous person, but also the people who work for him, while graciously rewarding them with YGGDRASIL items due to his hard work. At the same time, Ainz is faithful to his words and oaths, as he honorably accepted certain conditions made by individuals in the form of highly kept promises without betraying them. He has a benevolent nature to peacefully rule over his nation without bloodshed, thinking that there is still room for reasonable negotiation. However, at times Ainz feels paranoid and pessimistic that his Floor Guardians or other loyal NPCs might abandon him or betray him if he doesn't live up to his expectations.

However, he only does things that benefit Nazarick or himself above all else, be it information or prestige. Although he has a sense of justice and does not hate humans as much as his followers, Ainz does not have a deep attachment to them, and feels nothing for his death. Ainz did not view humanity as an enemy, but he could kill humans without hesitation for the sake of his goals. Still, he wanted to avoid conflict with other players, especially those who are humans who would protect the class from him. After killing Shalltear with his bare hands, he became much more vigilant and hostile against players or other enemies with world items that could harm Nazarick in the near future. Besides Nazarick's NPCs, the only players Ainz will show more concern were his previous teammates.