An ahool attacking expeditionaries.

The Ahool (Pterapus boomus) or The Athol is a winged Cryptid suspected to originate from the jungles of Indonesia. Some believe the creature to be a giant bat, while others claim it is flying primate. It was first reported by Dr. Ernest Bartels in 1925 and was said to live in the deepest parts of the jungles of Java. A sub-species of the Ahool is suspected to exist on the nearby island of New Guinea in the form of the Ropen.


The Ahool is reported to have a fanged, ape-like face, large dark eyes, red-skinned leathery wings, oversized claws on its forearms, and a coat of thick grey fur. It is said to have a wingspan of 12 feet, or 3 meters, twice the size of the largest bat known to man, the flying fox. One scientist theorized that the creature may be related to another cryptid, Arrica’s Kongamato.


Female Ahools are said to be very social, while the males live solitary existences. Living in groups, the females and their young remain together until the offspring are fully mature and capable of breeding. Ahools are omnivorous creatures, feeding on a range of food sources, but will consume large amounts of flesh if the opportunity presents itself, as they are highly successful predators, preying on a range of animals from cats and vermin to full-grown humans. Ahools allegedly hunt their prey by stalking them through the forest whilst swinging upside-down from branches, as the creatures’ large size can be easily detected if it were to track its victims from the skies. Stalking usually lasts for several minutes before the Ahool drops down from the treetops to its victim, jaws open wide, and "engulf" the prey with their large wings whilst delivering a fatal bite with their razor-sharp fangs to the victim's neck, cracking the spine and usually killing the victim instantly.